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The Largest Muskie Ever Caught

St. Lawrence River near Ottawa Ontario is not only the countries capital city, but its the big musky capital of the world. Some may argue that point, but they’d be wrong. There are few bodies of water that can yield 50+ inch musky regularly. For years I’ve heard people saying the St. Lawrence would produce the next world record musky, and in November 2008, it did just that.

Dale MacNair, was on the St. Lawrence River in late November when he hooked on to the fish of a lifetime. A biggest muskellunge ever recorded. His incredible catch was 57″ long, more than 33″ around and weighed a earth shattering 77 pounds (35kg)!

Some fishermen spend they entire lives chasing a 50 inch musky, but after only one year in search of muskie, MacNair caught one that was almost 60 inches!

world record musky

It’s a special occasion when such a massive fish is caught, but what makes it even more special is that this behemoth was released and swam away strong.

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The Largest Marlin Ever Caught On a Rod and Reel

The only possession I have left that belonged to my father is his fishing album. He spent a lot of time on the water and was a fishing charter captain in the Caribbean for many years. In the 1970’s, long before I was born he was helping people catch marlin, tuna, sailfish and more. My father knew a lot of fishermen, but perhaps none as renowned as Capt. Cornelius Choy. Choy was one of Hawaii’s greatest sport fishermen and holds the record for largest blue marlin caught on a rod and reel, weighing an incredible 1805 pounds!

As any good fisherman would, Choy took the opportunity to brag to my pops about record fish…

World record marlin

This massive fish was never acknowledged as a record by the IGFA since it was reeled in by more than one person. The only marlin ever caught that was larger than Choy’s Monster, was caught by a commercial fisherman. This giant marlin is said to have weighed over 2200 pounds!

It’s sad to think that the likelihood anyone will ever catch a marlin over 2000 pounds on a rod and reel is basically non-existent. Overfishing of these incredible fish by commercial fishermen could easily lead to their extinction in the not so far off future.

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Shaken, not Stirred

Amphibious car drives over waterImagine a beautiful hot summer day. The sky is blue and a soft breeze is blowing from the north. You are sitting in your car, with the window open, quietly enjoying all of the scenery Mother Earth has to offer. All of a sudden you are setting the hook on a fifty inch muskie and the mammoth fish breaks your line and swims away. You frown, and then reach over to your glove box and grab a new lure and tie it on, hoping for another chance to catch the massive fish.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why would I be fishing out of my car?” Well why not? If your car could drive on water you wouldn’t need to buy a boat would you? Perhaps fishing from your car wasn’t the reason behind Gibbs Technologies 2003 creation, but if I had my own amphibious car, I would certainly fish from it.

This impressive new car has a 175 horsepower motor and can reach up to 100mph on land and 30mph in the water. And what would you expect to pay for this James Bond-style toy? How about £150,000.00 or more than $300,000.00 Canadian.

Link via BBC news

More information about amphibious cars can be found at Terrawind and Popular Mechanics.

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