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Top 5 Spring Muskie Lures

There is no better time to catch muskie in numbers than the spring and early summer. Temperatures above and below the water surface are still relatively cool and muskie have finished their spawning. During this time they are likely still found grouped in shallow water or slowly moving toward deeper water. By concentrating efforts in fairly shallow water, we have been able to catch several great fish over the years. Here are a few of our favourite spring time muskie lures.

5. Believer by Drifter Tackle

To be honest, I wasn’t a believer in this lure until this year. Sure I’d heard the stories of this world famous lure, but it had never caught me a fish. In fairness, I didn’t use it very often because I simply didn’t like the look of it. It’s body looks like a deranged combination of a platypus and a manatee. After boating four nice muskie with the Believer during the first two muskie trips of the year, it has earned a permanent spot in my muskie tackle box.

The Believer is ideal for trolling and casting and is available in several colours and sizes up to 13 inches.
Believer lure
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Year-round Piking
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Year-round Piking by Richard MacRae

This report comes from Richard MacRae and was submitted as part of our 2012 Contributor Contest.

I know this is kind of a double entry in one, but the point of the entry is that I caught 67 Pike this year, starting in January and ending this December. To me, Pike are one of the most underrated species to catch. The challenge with Pike fishing is figuring out where they are hanging out (deep/shallow or bays/points etc.), how they want the presentation and where they want it. It’s not exactly true that they’ll hit anything, but they will hit everything, it just depends on their daily preference.

Year-round Piking

I like Piking, because you can fish them at anytime of the year, except of course when the season is closed during April and the first week in May. The two Pike in the pics show that – the January Pike was caught on the Mepps in shallow water and the December one was caught in deep water using a new method that I discovered this year; casting a 2 oz a bottom bouncer with a small silver rubber minnow. They were both 33″ long and at that size, they put up a great fight.

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Top 5 Spring Pike Lures

If you are a regular here you know just how much we love our spring pike fishing. And whats not to like – spring pike are big, hungry and at times, super aggressive. When pike are hungry and feeding, there are few lures out there that they wont try to inhale, but the fishing is tough, you need the right tools for the job. Here’s a list of lures we love to use!

1. Rapala X-Rap
Pattern: Clown

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From The Fishing Fury Archives

I caught this beauty in May 2006 at Toronto Islands. Somehow I forgot to post it here and just came across it while looking through some old photos. The fish was caught on opening day while I was back in Ontario briefly to fish with Jon at Little Vermilion (which probably explains why I never posted it). I only visited the islands three times that year and the fishing was tough.

I had caught a small pike at the same location just minutes before this one smashed my Mepps Aglia #5. I had just made a long distance cast in one of my favorite spots. A small boat was passing by about 50 feet from where my lure hit the water. After a few cranks of the reel everything just stopped. Instinct told me to set the hook, but when I did nothing happened. It was stuck. I knew it wasn’t a snag, because I had fished that area and was familiar with the depths. Suddenly I felt a heavy head shake and I knew it was a big one. She bulldogged down into the weeds and what had felt like a big one now felt like a huge one! I managed to pull her out of the weeds after what felt like an eternity and finally got a good view as she thrashed around on the surface. I got the big pike close to shore and struggled to setup my camera on a picnic table and set the timer. She looked a little beat up, but swam away strong!

Toronto pike
My biggest Toronto pike, just shy of 42 inches.

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