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Caption Contest- “What What in the Butt” Edition

Pictures are worth a thousand words, yet this one has left me speechless. So let’s make it a caption contest!

Leave a funny comment or caption below for your chance to win some fresh Fishing Fury and Water Gremlin swag! Contest ends Monday September 3rd.

via The Bass Bite

UPDATE! The winner is Jerry!

This is for pinchin off the load!!

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The Biggest Walleye Ever Caught on Video?

I’m no die-hard walleye fisherman, but I’ve seen a few big walleye in my life time. At no point have I ever laid my eyes on one this big though!

The fish in the video above weighted 16 pounds at 32 inches long, with 20 inches of girth! If I hadn’t seen this on video, I’d suspect that the guys we’re drinking heavily and miss-identified a pike, but the video proves otherwise.

The current world record walleye is held by Al Nelson’s 22-pound 11-ounce walleye caught in Fairfield Bay on Greer’s Lake, Arkansas in 1982. But a 25-pounder was once caught in the Niagara River- though it was snagged by a salmon fisherman and did not qualify.

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