Fishing. Ya, it's kinda like that.
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Winter Fishing Gallery – Updated!

If you haven’t been following our Twitter or Instagram feeds you’ve missed out on some fantastic winter fishing. Don’t worry, we’ve uploaded all of our best photos to our winter steelhead fishing gallery and we’ll continue to update it as the remaining weeks of winter pass. Clive was also in attendance this trip, but we couldn’t put him on his first fish of the year.

Fishing. Ya, it's kinda like that.

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Fury Flashback – Little Vermilion

The end of May is a magical time for pike fishing in Ontario, which is why I can show you two awesome pike photos taken on today’s date. The first image is from 2005 when Clive and I first visited Little Vermilion Lake at the recommendation of a good friend. The second image is from our return to Little Vermilion Lake in 2007!

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Steelhead Trout Double Header
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Ontario Trout Opener 2012

If you havent checked out our Official Fishing Fury Gallery in a while, or if you’re not a member of our Fishing Fury Forums, you might not have noticed that we posted 25 fantastic photos from a recent fishing trip. I won’t post all the pictures here, but I will post a few to whet your appetite for more!

For trout opening day a few friends and I headed up north to try a semi-remote section of the Boyne River. We arrived around 5AM and hiked down the long path through dense forest and thick mud. When we finally arrived at the bottom almost 30 minutes later we saw a small pod of steelhead. The day started well with me catching a nice 10″ resident brown trout, but the action on the Boyne slowed as the sun continued to rise above the tree line. At about 11AM we decided to leave and find new water and after a lengthy walk back uphill through the mud we took out a map and planned out our next destination. We would head southwest to a small Lake Ontario tributary where Eric swore we would catch something. Now as much as we hassle Eric for his sometimes outlandish fish tales this location completely lived up to the hype!

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Ally Shrimp (Yellow)
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Hand-Tied Flies From Kenya – First Impressions

A few months ago I received an email from Kenya asking if I wanted to buy some handmade trout flies. Naturally I was very suspicious as Clive and I receive emails like this from all over the world, and typically the ones from Africa and China are simply scams, or some of the worst manufacturing you’ve ever seen. This email seemed different some how, so I decided to email them back and ask for some photos. It took a few days but they finally responded, the images were low quality and it was hard to envision these as quality flies but the person I was in contact with swore that they were 100% hand-made and would not disappoint.

I thought about it for a while and decided to strike up a deal. They would send me some of their flies, and in exchange I would photograph them and review them. It took several weeks for my package to arrive from Kenya, but when I finally opened the package I was blown away with the quality.

They call themselves the “Kenya Tyieng Flies Company” [sic] and if you’re interested in purchasing some of their flies you should contact Mr. Paul Mugo. Best of all these handmade flies only cost around $3-10 USD per dozen (depending on the type of course) plus shipping and handling. Considering the average rate around here is $2-6 PER FLY these flies are an amazing deal! Check out the full gallery for more great photos and if you’re interested in purchasing some for yourself, or for your business please contact Mr. Paul Mugo.

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