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Year-round Piking
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Year-round Piking by Richard MacRae

This report comes from Richard MacRae and was submitted as part of our 2012 Contributor Contest.

I know this is kind of a double entry in one, but the point of the entry is that I caught 67 Pike this year, starting in January and ending this December. To me, Pike are one of the most underrated species to catch. The challenge with Pike fishing is figuring out where they are hanging out (deep/shallow or bays/points etc.), how they want the presentation and where they want it. It’s not exactly true that they’ll hit anything, but they will hit everything, it just depends on their daily preference.

Year-round Piking

I like Piking, because you can fish them at anytime of the year, except of course when the season is closed during April and the first week in May. The two Pike in the pics show that – the January Pike was caught on the Mepps in shallow water and the December one was caught in deep water using a new method that I discovered this year; casting a 2 oz a bottom bouncer with a small silver rubber minnow. They were both 33″ long and at that size, they put up a great fight.

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Fury Flashback – Little Vermilion

The end of May is a magical time for pike fishing in Ontario, which is why I can show you two awesome pike photos taken on today’s date. The first image is from 2005 when Clive and I first visited Little Vermilion Lake at the recommendation of a good friend. The second image is from our return to Little Vermilion Lake in 2007!

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Toronto Islands Pike Opener 2011

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you’ve probably read countless stories and reports from the Toronto Islands during pike season. Well, the season is upon us again my friends and I was lucky enough to get out early on opening day (saturday) and fish with Ed F in his brand spanking new Lund boat docked on the islands. We were on the water before 9 and hitting pike before 9:30. It was a truly amazing start to the season and I look forward to what should be an amazing fishing year!

This was a “trip of firsts”- the first pike fishing day of the year on the islands, my first fish landed this year, which was also the first fish landed in Ed’s new boat, and also the first fish I caught on a swimbait (a reaction strike slow sink Revolution Shad). That’s a lot of firsts for one fish! Even though swimbaits were working really well for me best lure of the day was still the Rapala Glidin’ Rap.

Also, we’re thinking about putting together a small gathering on the islands for all of our local readers so register for our forums and get involved! More photos from my trip after the break- all photos credited to Ed F.

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Whirl Creek Carp By Jeremy Brodhagen

Having a creek run through your property has several advantages. For me it means free baitfish for pike fishing. Unfortunately this year the minnow traps didn’t seem to be producing very many minnows. Of course not wanting to pay crazy prices for some minnows at a bait shop I decided to pull out some tiny hooks and catch some myself. Not sure what to expect I put on a tiny piece of worm on the hook and cast into a pool where the minnows always hand out. The bobber went down an instant after it hit the water! The action continued for several minutes like this until I had about a dozen minnows and decided I had enough for pike fishing. Unfortunately for the minnows I wasn’t able to catch a single pike this year with bait.

I know your thinking that this is supposed to be about carp, not minnows and pike, so I guess I should get to the point. A few days later, on may 21st, I was back for some more minnows. The action wasn’t nearly as good as the first time, but I still caught a few. Things were going at a slow pace until a carp swam into the pool and started rooting around looking for some food. This got my heart pumping and I held my breath as I cast about a foot in front of the carp and waited for the current to bring the tiny piece to the large fish. The worm drifted right to the carps mouth and it turned away to swim downstream. I let out the breath I had been holding then noticed the bobber was trailing behind the carp. I quickly pulled back on the rod and did the best to keep carp from pulling my line into some bushes that were both upstream and downstream. He did his best in the ten minute fight, but I emerged the victor with bragging rights to say I caught a large fish in my creek I could step across in most places.

Three days later my friend came over to try his luck after hearing about the carp and another hole full of them I had found. We both went down to the hole and tried the same tactic of drifting the worm to the carp. None of the carp seemed to be fooled this time. Thankfully they never spooked but just swam away slowly. After chasing the lazy group around for about 15 minutes, one finally took my bait. Once the carp figured out he was hooked he took off and didn’t let up until he was exhausted fifteen minutes later. Unfortunately that fight scared of the rest of the carp and the didn’t seem to come back for the rest of the year. Next year I’ll be ready again.

– Jeremy Brodhagen

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