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4 EEL FISHIN’ – Special Edition -RIG IT -The Derber

Looking for a fresh rig to drop for this summer’s fishing season or are you already dreaming of the frost of next year’s hard water? I’ve got fantastic news for you: the Double Baited Rattle Rig is going to put fat fish burgers into your belly. Have a laugh and learn all about it in this 4 minute long all animated 4 Eel Fishing special edition RIG IT sequence.

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The No Fail Five Fillet Boneless Pike

We catch a lot of pike here at Fishing Fury, and it shouldn’t surprise you that we’ve eaten out fair share of them too. Pike are a fantastic eating fish in my opinion, but one of the hardest things to do is get a nice clean boneless fillet because of their bone structure. I’ve tried several methods and none of them are as easy as the one you’re about to see. Check out this dead simple 5 fillet method I’ve never seen before.

via Fishin’ Informer

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