Posted on October 10, 2005 by

Monday Afternoon Time-Waster

If you’re stuck at work right now, you might be concentrating more on watching the clock as opposed to finishing your work for the day. Don’t fret, we’re all doing it, hell your boss is probably sitting in his office with the door closed doing it right now. So to make the time pass by faster we’ve got a few good time-wasters to play with until quitin’ time.

  • Survivor III fishing game. Play as any cast member from Survivor III Africa and do you’re best to provide food for your tribe. Points are dependent on the type of fish you catch and the only button you’ll need is the spacebar. It’s simple, silly, fun and won’t make your remaining time at work feel like 39 days in the bush.
  • Memory game using flickr backend. Memry is just like the memory game you played when you were a kid, except that it uses random images from flickr based a keyword of your choice. Try fishing, trout, salmon, whatever you like. For some real fun try something ambiguous, just don’t blame me if you get caught.
  • SUPER FISHING! Do your best to catch as many fish as you can. Watch out for cans, tires, the occasional dirty pair of underwear, and lightning storms! TIP: You can catch multipule fish at a time.

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