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Shop Fury, Get Free Shipping

Christmas is less then 62 days away! If you were hoping to get some fishing gear for yourself, heres your chance to pick it up from our shop with no shipping costs until Tuesday. If you are a Fishing Fury registered member you can still save 10% on selected items, and if you aren’t, you can sign up and we’ll send you the promo code. Click the image below to have a look at our store.


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Fishing Fury Reaches For The OpenSky

Earlier we mentioned we had some big news coming up, well here it is! Fishing Fury has teamed up with The OpenSky Project to bring you an awesome offering of fishing related products, Fishing Fury approved of course. This means you will have the opportunity to purchase quality fishing products straight from our site.

There was a time when Main Street shopkeepers had the trust of their community. Then big box retailers created enormous warehouses with every item under the sun which seemed wonderful, but destroyed the intimacy and experience consumers had with local merchants. Internet giants emerged and built efficient, but sterile destinations selling millions of items in endless online lists. Over time, the humanity and trust of shopping have been lost. Until Now.

Our goal is to bring you not only the best fishing products out there, but specifically the products we believe in, and hopefully at a competitive price. If we don’t trust and use a product, we don’t believe in selling that product – plain and simple. We will be starting with a decent catalog of products we know and trust, but as the store grows we hope to have bigger, better, and newer products all the time.

Starting very soon, we will be furiously writing new product reviews beginning with the products we love the most. Together, we have spent the past five years fishing our guts out, and along the way we have put hundreds if not thousands of products to the test. The products that survived this gauntlet, produced fish consistently and earned a permanent spot in our tackle boxes can now be yours with just a few clicks. Stay tuned!

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Zebco Childrens Rod Recall

For all of you people with kids, or are under 5’7″ and use childrens rods…

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced a voluntary recall of a childrens fishing rod and reel said to contain paint on that contain excessive levels of lead, violating the federal lead paint standard.

Consumers are advised to stop using the product immediately.

Zebco recall

Zebco reel recall

More info at the CPSC


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2009 Quantum Tour Edition PT Baitcast Reels

We had a look at the new Quantum Tour Edition reel a while back and we weren’t too impressed with the choice of colour. Well the reel has been released (with a $279 USD price tag), and they’ve prettied it up and chromed it out! It looks sharp if you ask me, but I still love the old blue one (which Jon and I both own), and from the reviews I’ve read, the new one doesn’t match the old ones quality either!

Old Quantum PT New Quantum tour reel

Which do you like best?

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