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Fallin’ for the Miss

The Bassassins are back again with another video fishing the mighty Mississippi river right here in Ontario.

“Fallin for the Miss” is showcasing sport fishing on the Mississippi River in Ontario. We are truly blessed to have such fantastic fishery right at our doorstep. This clip features the usual suspects that are to be caught this time a year. The smallmouth bass are gaining girth and feeding aggressively, the Walleye really seem to enjoy the cooler days of fall too, and pike are lurking around every corner all year long. Autumn is a wicked time to be out and about, not just to awe the breath taking spectacle when the trees are changing colour, also the cool and crisp mornings and noons are very much welcome after a hot, hot summer. The fishing seems to go in to overdrive as everything is preparing for the coming winter.

If you liked that checkout The Bassassins highlight reel after the break!

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Thames River Carp
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The Common Carp- Fool’s Gold

Carp are probably the most underrated and under appreciated species you can catch on a rod and reel in Ontario, perhaps even North America. We know Europeans love carp fishing, but they don’t have the nearly as many sport fishing opportunities as we have here in North America. Not to mention that carp fishing in Canada is so easy in comparison because there is almost no fishing pressure on the species here.

Many fisherman look at carp as “garbage fish” because of their bottom feeding habits and invasive nature, but most just think the whole thing is boring. Sure it’s more exciting to burn around a lake on a nice boat chucking spinnerbaits and topwater lures for largemouth. But when’s the last time a bass almost spooled you? Probably never. I suppose with a name like Common Carp you can’t really expect too much excitement, but you’d probably change your mind after hearing your drag scream as they take off.

Have we really become that spoiled with opportunity here? Or have the bass fisherman finally found a group to pass on the cold shoulder given to them by trout fishermen. I certainly don’t feel the need to identify or type cast myself with a species, I’m a fisherman and I enjoy catching all manner and sizes of fish because it’s fishing that excites me. From the attitude I get from other fisherman you’d think I was panning in a river full of fool’s gold. But the truth is I know who the real fool is- the angry fisherman who couldn’t even catch a carp!

To see more photos from this carp fishing trip to London, Ontario in our gallery.

To celebrate our love of carp we’ve created this carp themed case in our Zazzle store for your iPhone4, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch, Blackberry Bold, Galaxy S2, and more. We’ve also got plenty of other species on our cases if carp just isn’t your thing.

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The World’s Smallest Game Fish

We all know anglers that seek the largest fish they can catch, but have you ever met those who try to catch the smallest fish they can, on a hook and line? Here in Japan, I have done so, and been lucky enough to indulge this particular variety of fishing.

Not unreasonably, most sport anglers want to catch trophy fish; the bigger the better (indeed, we all know anglers whose catches continue to grow in size long after the event, growing bigger with each recounting of the story of the fishing trip). However, this is Japan, where miniaturization pervades all aspects of life, in gardening, art, computers, electronics; we all have seen the clichéd ‘capsule’ hotels and bonsai pine trees you can pick up with two fingers. This also applies to sport fishing, in one of the oldest angling traditions in this country: tanago fishing.

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Obama Is NOT Banning Fishing, So STFU!

Yes, believe it or not this story was reported to me by several sources as true. No Obama is NOT banning sportfishing! Geez, with all the problems in the world, not to mention all the problems in the US right now, you’d think that people could focus on progress, the platform their legally elected president ran under.

Apparently, the story was started by an opinion piece on ESPN Outdoors which then caused a massive uproar in conservative bloggers and spread like a virus of stupidity across the internet. Such as, Obama’s Latest Assault on Freedom– New Regulations Will Ban Sport Fishing.

The only problem is that these “regulations” don’t exist. What Montgomery was writing about is the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force that has been charged by the White House with developing a comprehensive federal policy for managing the nation’s waterways. Yes, they are interested in conservation and they are interested in setting new guidelines for fishing policies—commercial fishing policies that are threatening to deplete our food supply. Except they haven’t even gotten that far yet. All they’ve released is an interim report [PDF] that discusses what their goals are, none of which involve a ban on fishing. In fact, from what I can tell it’s completely generic legalese that contains no actionable policy recommendations in it all. It says zip about recreational fishing, never mind any sort of plan to curtail it.

No longer accepting input doesn’t mean it’s being banned. I saw how the recent input (read: filibuster) on healthcare went, and if I were Obama I’d be tired of hearing other peoples input. Heck, as an American citizen I’m tired of watching him listen! For once someone needs to stand up and make the right choices for America, not just the popular ones.

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Update: March 11th, 2010

The Obama administration is trying to dash rumors that it planned to ban recreational fishing in marine waters and the Great Lakes in the wake of a series of Internet posts warning that such a prohibition was imminent.

But with rumors flying yesterday, Reps. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) and Kathy Dahlkemper (D-Pa.) both expressed concern about the issue in a House Science Committee hearing. They asked the NOAA chief if the administration is considering a ban on recreational fishing.

“Will you please reassure me and the angling public, whether commercial or recreational that their issues are going to be taken into consideration?” Broun asked.

“Both commercial and recreational fishing are vitally important to this nation,” Lubchenco said. “We are not proposing any blanket ban on recreational fishing. I would strongly oppose that, and it is not in the works.”

ESPN outdoors editor Steve Bowman issued an apology yesterday afternoon, saying the article should have been clearly identified as commentary, not news, and should have had more balance. The Web site has since altered the article and added a header identifying it as an opinion piece.

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