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Top 5 Spring Pike Lures

If you are a regular here you know just how much we love our spring pike fishing. And whats not to like – spring pike are big, hungry and at times, super aggressive. When pike are hungry and feeding, there are few lures out there that they wont try to inhale, but the fishing is tough, you need the right tools for the job. Here’s a list of lures we love to use!

1. Rapala X-Rap
Pattern: Clown

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Suick Lures Added To Our Shop!

We’ve been working hard on getting all of our favorite lures into our OpenSky store, and we are proud to announce the addition of one of the best wooden baits we’ve ever used, the Suick. We’ll be carrying our three favorite patterns, the Red Hot Thriller Firetiger, Sucker and Perch and for a limited time you can get all three together at 15% off the regular price!

Suicks have proven themselves to be excellent lures for pike and musky, especially during early season, so now is the time to gear up! We are carrying both the weighted and unweighted 9 inch models.

Visit our OpenSky Store and enter FISHINGFURY15OFF at the checkout to save 15% on a Suick 3 pack!

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Urban Fishing BVI

BaitfishIt had been well over a month since I the opportunity to do some fishing here in the British Virgin Islands. I spent the last three days covering a variety of spots looking for barracuda and found many other fish while doing so. In my first official fishing report from Tortola I experienced more excitement then I had expected fishing from shore. Expect plenty more reports now that I have a few fishing spots where I know I can find big fish.

Clive Vs. the Barracuda!

“I climbed onto the bridge again to watch bait fish and take some photographs. Every couple of minutes large waves of bait fish would leap in the air while needle fish, small barracuda and yellowtail feasted upon them. I watched in awe at the melee below for about thirty minutes then headed back down to make some casts. I put the Suick back on and on the first cast the ominous figure appeared once again. This time moving much faster, I reeled faster and then it hammered the bait about fifteen feet from shore… “