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1500 White Sturgeon Stranded

Heres something you don’t see everyday, nearly 1500 sturgeon, struggling in shallow water after the tide went out in Port Susan Bay, Washington. According to the Seattle News, biologists speculate that the sturgeon were feeding in shallow muddy water and failed to get back to deeper water before the tide went out. As you can tell by the below photos, many of the fish were huge, some reaching 10+ feet.

    “I think these were just fish that were poking around, looking for food,” said Brett Barkdull, a fish biologist with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife who lives near the stranding area. “These fish have been out here for quite a while now, but I’ve personally never seen anything quite like this.”

It is believed that most of the fish survived long enough for the tide to rise.

Stranded sturgeon in Washington

Stranded sturgeon in WashingtonStranded sturgeon in WashingtonStranded sturgeon in Washington

    “It looks like they chose to overextend their visit on the mud flats,” James said. “The feeding must have been pretty good.”

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Only In Canada

Every now and then I read a headline that could have only come from Canada. Two such headlines popped up within the last week.

Halifax bus driver suspended after beating toy seal with stick
This one doesn’t surprise me. I’ve lived in Halifax for almost two years now and the behavior of the local bus drivers is just unreal. They’ve been all over the news for causing accidents and all sorts of other shenanigans, but this one is by far the funniest. This particular driver drove past an anti-seal hunt protest, he stopped the bus, got out, and proceeded to beat a toy seal that was being used as a prop.

    “He exited the bus and went over to the area where the protesters were, and began beating on the stuffed animal seal that was on the ground there,” said Staff Sgt. Don Fox of the Halifax Regional Police.

    The driver used a stick to beat the stuffed toy.

    Fox said police officers removed the driver from the protest area and contacted his supervisors. The driver then got back on his bus and continued with his workday, according to police.

Only in Canada could a man charge a group of people wielding a stick, beat on their toys, and then be allowed by police to go back to his job as if nothing had ever happened.

Man who survived Niagara Falls jump in suicide bid is recovering

Only a Canadian could survive such a fall. Just three people have ever survived a trip over the 180 foot high falls without some sort of protective gear such as a barrel. As if the fall wasn’t bad enough, the temperatures are frigid, and the current below the falls is intense. The jumper was found swimming below the falls without an clothes, apparently they were torn off by the force of the water. And after more then 40 minute in the water, trying to avoid rescue, the man was pulled from the ice water and rushed to hospital. I wish this was somehow fishing related, but sadly it’s not.

    Witnesses said he climbed a fence, jumped into the icy Niagara River and was washed over Horseshoe Falls. Stunned tourists said the man went in with his clothes on but popped up naked – apparently the force of the water ripped off his clothes.

Niagara jumper

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Now Thats Dedication!

Simon of Pike Fly Fishing Articles sent us the great photos of an improvised boat he and a friend made out of desperation to go fishing. The lawn chair boat was a pretty good idea, but this one takes the cake. A boat made out of 2 backpacks and a ground sheet mattress!

Hi Guys,
Spent nine months on a wilderness guide course here 4 yrs back and me ‘n a mate made a fishing boat out of a groundsheet, 2 backpacks,2 poles & some thin rope. Guess all things are possible if you want to get out onto a lake to throw a line.

Cheers have a top weekend,

2 backpacks, a ground sheet mattressa raft to farand it floats

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50 Things We Didn’t Know Last Year!

Scientists are discovering new interactions in the way things work. Here is a list of 50 new things we didn’t know this time last year, and below are a few of my favorites from the list.

6. Stress causes human brain cells to either shrink or grow, leaving victims of serious stress with dramatic changes to their nervous systems.

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8. Ground-penetrating radar used by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter revealed enormous underground reservoirs of frozen water far from Mars’ polar caps — glaciers up to a half-mile thick buried beneath rock and debris. Researchers said one glacier is three times the size of Los Angeles.

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10. The world’s oceans are growing more acidic at an increasing rate, a phenomenon that may lead to major disruptions for corals, lobster, oysters, crabs, mussels and snails, which have difficulty building their calcium crusts in such conditions.

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11. Magnetic resonance imaging scans of blood flow in the human brain indicate that bullies often derive pleasure from watching others in pain.

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16. Exposure to light in grocery stores reduces the quality of cauliflower, broccoli, chard, leeks and asparagus.

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20. Searching online is better than reading books for increasing the brainpower of middle-aged and older adults.

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29. Excessive flip-flop wearing leads to a much higher risk of developing skin cancer on the feet. Only half of patients with foot melanomas survive.

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30. An ADHD-related gene may encourage behaviors beneficial for nomads.

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35. The fully fleshed-out head of a Tyrannosaurus rex may have weighed more than 1,100 pounds, but much of that volume came from air cavities that likely created painful sinus infections.

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36. An expedition 6,500-feet below the Atlantic Ocean caused one explorer to describe the region as “a new continent.” Hundreds of rare and unknown species were discovered in the 1,500-mile-long Mid-Atlantic Ridge between Europe and America.

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37. Great white sharks travel long distances every winter to meet in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. During this gathering, they make dives to depths of 300 meters.

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40. A newly found species of bacteria can grow at low temperatures, spoiling raw milk even when it’s refrigerated.

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44. Mexican scientists discovered a way to make diamonds from the carbon and organic compounds found in tequila.

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50. Drinking just three cups of coffee a day can make women’s breasts shrink.

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