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WE FISHIN’ MANE T-Shirts Payday Special

WE FISHIN’ MANE t-shirts are here! Guaranteed to make you the most swagged out fisherman on the water. Shirts are available in medium, large, and extra-large. You can even bundle them with stickers and save on shipping. This is a very limited first run so they could go fast. Buy a shirt, or any shirt and sticker bundle, before March 4th and we’ll include a free sticker!


If you want a small, XXL, or larger size please let us know so we can estimate how many to print in the next batch. We do have a few XXL in reserve for our biggest (no pun intended) fans. Big shout out to Avid Apparel for doing an outstanding job on printing these.

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T-Shirt Printing from TShirtPrinting.org – First Impressions

When TShirtPrinting.org emailed and offered me a free custom t-shirt in exchange for a review I was eerily surprised. For the last few weeks I’ve been aggressively searching out t-shirt printers in my area for the best deals and I was in the middle of that research when their offer arrived.


Because TShirtPrinting.org uses a transfer system, versus a traditional silkscreen system, we were not limited by the number of colours. In fact, the background you see in the print is from a photo. The transfer system works by printing out your design on special paper which is then cut out, just like die-cut stickers, and then transferred to the garment usually with a heat press. The process is simple but there are plenty of little things to get wrong.

The print looks very nice, though after seeing it I would probably boost the contrast more to combat the whiteness of the paper. We’ll have to wait and see how it holds up after a few washes before posting our final review. I’ll also try to get a better picture of myself wearing this shirt before then.

If you’re looking for WE FISHIN’ MANE gear check out WEFISHINMANE.com.

WE FISHIN' MANE - Brook Trout Skin
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We’ve all waited a long time for this day to come, but it’s finally here. A fresh new batch of die-cut stickers have just been delivered to my house and they’re ready for some lucky winners. Help us resurrect our facebook page by liking Fishing Fury on facebook. If we can get 100 likes before Sunday we’ll send stickers to 25 of our fans. If the number goes beyond 100 before Sunday we’ll up the ante accordingly.


UPDATE! If you can’t wait to win a set of stickers you can buy them!

Custom woodburned belt buckle by CobraChronicles.com
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Custom Wood-burned Fishing Fury Belt Buckles

My good friend and maker extraordinaire over at Cobra Chronicles made me these fantastic custom-made wood-burned belt buckles. I should have posted these months ago, but they got buried under a pile of paperwork in my office. Recently though since I’ve been out of work I’ve had plenty of time to start cleaning my office and uncover them.

If enough people are interested in this kind of swag we can make more, right now though these are the only two in existence. And they’re mine!

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