Swordfish Tattoo by Matt Adamson
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Awesome Swordfish Tattoo by Matt Adamson

My good friend Phil alerted me to this fantastic swordfish tattoo by artist Matt Adamson. It’s difficult to understand the placement of the tattoo from the photos below but it looks to me like the tops of the shoulders, as if the swordfish has gone through the neck.

Swordfish Tattoo by Matt Adamson

Matt is now stationed at Jayne Doe tattoo studio in Essex, and if you’re nearby and looking for tattoos I would definitely recommend you check him out. You can see more of Matt’s amazing work and follow him on Instagram. Another great shot after the break with elements of the original drawing.

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Piranha tattoo
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Incredible Piranha Tattoo

There are few fish that strike fear in the hearts of people around the world more than the piranha. Thanks to films like Piranha, Piranha II: The Spawning (Directed by James Cameron!), Piranha 3D, Piranha 3DD, and Mega Piranha (to name a few) – these little guys have a terrible reputation.

Much like sharks, the piranhas bad reputation is often myth. In reality they pose little threat to humans and attacks on humans are rare, usually occurring in extreme circumstances that can often be easily avoided.

Tattoo by Petri Syrjälä.

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trout tattoo swittersb finished
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Trout Tattoo Revisited

Some of you long time readers may recognize this trout tattoo from a few years back. Well, the tattoo is back, with about 5 hours additional work!

I had some basic ideas and I finally settled upon the quest. I ended up at Infinity Tattoo in North Portland and upon looking at the ‘work books’ of the artist, one artist popped out… Paul Zenk @ Infinity Tattoo. He had done work that was quite close to what I was looking for: tree/snag and rock wise. Nothing with a fish though. I set up the consultation, met Paul and conveyed my ideas and like a spark of genius he started sketching on my arm and paper with suggestions that went well beyond my timid vision. Wow! I said. Done. Let’s do this.

Be sure to have a good read through SwitterB’s blog for all things fly fishing (and many things not), you wont regret it!

The new tattoo looks great Gary, and welcome to the three million club!

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