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Perchin For MS: Fishing For a Cure

Perchin For MS is a fishing tournament where not only everyone is a winner, but where your time and money will go to a serious cause. Each team paid a $40 entry fee – half of which goes towards the Multiple Sclerosis Walk in their name, and the other half goes towards the prizes. The first event was held earlier this year on Lake Simcoe and was huge a huge success, and we want to see an even bigger turn out this year! I highly recommend that more people come out next year or donate, there really is no greater higher prize than helping other people in need.

Perchin for MS Fishing Derby was a huge success this year. In its first year, we drew in 78 teams from all over Ontario and the United States and raised $4000.00 for MS Research and Awareness!
Next year we hope to make it bigger and better. We will be promoting bigger and better this year and attending the sports show and using our website.

The tournament was more than just about the fish or the weather however. “I started this event because I wanted to promote education and awareness around MS and I thought what better way to do that than through a fishing derby.” As an avid angler and Conservation Officer who lives with MS daily, Poirier knows firsthand about its limitations, but says that unless you have a friend or relative with it, people seldom have a good understanding of the disease. “The goal of the event was also to raise a bit of money for MS and I am pleased to announce that thanks to some generous monetary donations we raised almost $4,000 that will go directly to the MS Society of Canada,” said Poirier.
Although most anglers who fished the MS Perch Fundraiser were from the GTA, others came from Owen Sound and Niagara in the west to Muskoka and Halliburton in the north and east to Ottawa. There were even some anglers from the US. Many were hard core competitive anglers who look for competitions like this to test their skills. Others were recreational ice anglers who enjoy meeting others in a fun-filled event where proceeds go to a worthwhile cause.

Not only did anglers come out in force to support the fundraiser, but so too did sponsor and individual support. “The prizes supplied by companies and individuals far exceeded my expectations. Our community really showed the true meaning of “Community” with the way they all came together to sponsor this event!” said Poirier.

Perchin for MS

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Keep Your Penthouse Condo- I’d Rather Live in a Shack

City life really wears me down sometimes. I’d give it all up, the people, the food, the nightlife- all of it- for just a shack on the water. What about you? Would you be willing to give up on society and live on a deserted island? I sure would.

Seriously though, I’m saving my time and money and hope to cash out one day to a nice plot of land and a build my own shipping container home. I don’t know what it is that makes me beg for an escape, but I know it will probably drive me to some far off secluded place one day and the thought of that makes me very happy.

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