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Fly Fishing Tattoos

We just got an email from the trout fanatics at with some great fly fishing tattoos. Not only do they share our love of fishing, but they share our love of tattoos as well! Speaking of tattoos, I’ll be getting some new ink next week for my birthday, and it is most certainly going to be a fishing tattoo!

My son, Tony, and I would be honored if you would post our tattoos.

Tattoos by Jerry Ware, Atlas Tattoos in Portland, Oregon.

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More Fish Tattoos

Since I got my first tattoo a few years back, I have been on the lookout for good artists to get work from. Creating a realistic fish tattoo is no easy task, but Canadian artist Scott Duncan makes it look easy. Scott is also a fisherman, which explains his great ability to capture the beauty of fish. Next time I’m in Ontario with a fist full of dollars I’ll be giving him a call. Check out more of his work at Sugar Shack Tattoo dot com.

Trout tattoo

Trout jumpTrout sleeve

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