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Salton Sea Trouble, The Solution – 6,000 Tons of Chemicals

Orangemouth CorvinaThe Salton Sea is in trouble, once a hot spot for spotting movie stars, expensive yachts and sailboats, it’s now turning in to a stinky salty mass. Scientists are hoping to prevent the phosphorus and silt from spreading in to the desert lake. Their solution is to add 6,000 tons of two chemicals harmless to wildlife. Hopefully that will stop the death of fish and rotten-egg smell that might just knock you out of your boat or kayak. Scientists say that treatments could make the sea up to 90% cleaner than it is right now. For decades thousands of dead fish and birds have been cleaned from the shores, 640 dead birds were collected in a single day. It’s clear that something needs to happen, but the cost of cleaning it could cost upwards of $19 million dollars a year.

Fishing the Salton Sea is more popular than you might think, even with that wonderful odor. The Sea has tilapia, gulf croaker, corvina, and sargo. ESPN Outdoors says that the Salton Sea is like fishing an inland ocean thats cleaner than most of California’s bays.