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Long Lake, Nova Scotia

Despite being very busy working two jobs, I manage to fish at least 3-4 time a week. Granted, I rarely have the chance to fish for more then an hour. I get an hour long lunch and I work right beside a good size lake that has a healthy population of bass and trout so I really have no excuse not to fish regularly. With an 11 month old baby boy nearing his first steps, I try to spend ever minute I’m not working hanging out with him. Luckily he takes long naps, and goes to bed at 7pm, so I sneak in a couple of hours of fishing before sunset on most weekends. Last weekend I introduced my buddy Adrian to a new lake called Long Lake. We have fished several local lakes in the Halifax and Dartmouth area and I think we can both agree that Long Lake is our new favorite.

It takes me about 10 minutes to get to Long Lake from my apartment in Halifax and is an ideal lake for a shore fisherman. The lake is full of good size bass too. We didn’t catch any huge fish, but the fish we did catch were consistently larger then the fish we’ve caught in any of the other nearby lakes. The key to finding bass was to look for deeper areas near large rocks. The south side of the lake had the deepest spots and produced our biggest fish. We both fished with spinner baits, Adrian going with the old reliable Mepps Black Fury, while I used a silver mini Rockstar spinner. We each caught 8-9 bass and called it a day.

Adrian’s bass may not look very big, but that only because he is a big guy – 6’2″ – 225lbs +