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Lakemaid Beer Shirt Contest

We’ve reached a couple new milestones recently at Fishing Fury. Last Week we not only hit 750 total posts, but we surpassed the 1000 comments mark! To celebrate the occasion its time to give something back to you, the commenters. I’m sure most of you remember Miss Musky, our favorite of the Lakemaid beauties, well now you’ll a chance to take home Miss Musky (on a shirt of course). All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and a winner will be randomly picked in a couple weeks!

Lakemaid shirt
Mr. Marshall with Miss Musky (shirt) all over him

The shirt is a one size fits all, XL. After the winner is chosen, I will contact them for their mailing address.
It’s as simple as that, leave a comment, and have the chance to win. Only your first comment will be eligible! (That means you Mark!)