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BBQ’d Tongue Eating Fish Parasite!

MMMM! Delicious! I love a good BBQ, but I can say with absolute certainty that BBQing a cymothoa exigua isn’t going to make it taste any better. That being said, these parasites do no real damage to fish they inhabit. And according to reliable sources, eating fish containing the parasite is perfectly safe.

Personally I’d be a little put off if something this gnarly looking crawled out of the face of my dinner, and so was David…

Tongue Eating Fish ParasiteTongue Eating Fish ParasiteTongue Eating Fish Parasite

I purchased a 6kg pack of sea bass, cleaned and gutted four and popped two of them on my barbecue.

After about 10 minutes I turned them over, and after a further 5 minutes went to check on them. It must have become too hot in there for the parasite, which became visible half out of the fish’s mouth.

I didn’t realize what it was, so didn’t check to see if the fish still had a tongue. I’m not even sure if the parasite crawled out, or was pushed out as a result of the fish cooking.

We are not intending to eat sea bass for a while!!


Tongue Eating Fish Parasite

Thanks David!