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Petition Berkley To Fix Their Packaging!

Can bad packaging ruin a product? It definitely can. It can also ruin a $200 rug from Ikea apparently.

On my recent trip to Mystery Lake we rushed back in on the first night from a heavy storm and decided to pull all our gear inside so it didn’t get completely soaked. We left the rods, but pulled our lure boxes and the large bag of plastic baits I have. Inside that bag was one of the Berkley GULP! Alive buckets I purchased earlier in the year on my trip to Springwood Cottages on Kennebec Lake. On that trip I found that the screw top lid did not seal the bucket properly and if tipped it would drip out. Since then I have kept it wrapped in two plastic bags and always try and place it in my bag so that it’s not on an angle. To continue with the accident, when we awoke the next morning to go fishing and when I moved the bag it revealed a large oily stain. At first we thought it was water, but after the bag had been moved the smell started to slowly creep up to our noses. I quickly pulled the entire bag outside and pulled out the GULP bucket. Sure enough it leaked through the lid and through small holes in both bags.

Berkley GULP! Alive Buckets

Petition Berkley to Fix Their GULP! Alive Packaging

Mike will be taking better photos for me when he goes up this weekend, I took photos on my iPhone but in the low light you can’t really see the stain. If you have similar experiences please share them and don’t forget to sign the petition.


UPDATE: My petition was removed from with no notice to myself. Instead of creating another petition only to get it taken down I’ve created one here on Fishing Fury. I’m off to work now, I hope everyone has a safe and happy Canadian Thanksgiving!