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Boomerang Tool: The Pliers That Come Right Back – First Impressions

Boomerang Tool is, as the title suggests, a tool that comes back to you after use. These lightweight aluminum pliers feature replaceable carbide blades and 36″ of retractable kevlar cable with a split ring on the end to attach to your boat, belt, wherever. No more dropping your pliers in the bottom of the boat, or the lake for that matter. The retractable cable keeps your pliers always at hand for that next fish. It even comes with a two year ultra warranty in the US and Canada! And the Boomerang Tool comes in everything from the pliers you see below to knives, line snips, golf tools, lens brushes for photographers and more!

At 9 inches long and only 177g (6.25oz) The Boomerang Tool feels very solid in my hands despite their light weight. The aluminum jaws extend back through the handles for maximum strength and grip. The carbide cutting blades are fully replaceable and easily cut fluorocarbon at 80# and PowerPro at 65#. The blades look like they could snip your average 4/0-5/0 bass hooks, but I wouldn’t count on them cutting your much bigger pike and musky sized hooks. Still, if you ruin the blades, they’re totally replaceable.

The retractable kevlar cable extends a full 36″ making it a great back pocket tool. The Boomerang Tool also features a locking mechanism located perfectly on the handle to prevent the cable from retracting. At the end of the cable is a split ring for attaching your Boomerang Tool to wherever you’ll need it handy. One of the things I noticed while playing with it, which of course led to snapping my finger on the retracting cable end, my fault. But more interestingly when the ring is affixed to something (say your pants) and you drop them they hang on nicely instead of falling to the very end of the line, or snapping back at you. This means when you’ve got a fish and you’re done with your pliers, you can just let them go and they’ll stick around for you to secure after you’ve released your trophy.

Don’t forget the Boomerang Tools also come with a two year ultra warranty in the US and Canada!