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Don’t Miss Your Chance To Win Our 2010 Contributor Contest!

You’ve only got until January 1st to get your entries in for the 2010 Contributor Contest! Get out your best photos and stories from 2010 and send them to us before it’s too late!

This year we’ve decided to throw the biggest contest we’ve ever run, with the biggest and best prizes ever! All you need to do is write in with your best fishing photos and stories from 2010 to be entered- you can even enter multiple times! Tell us about the trophy fish you caught, or maybe the trophy fish you lost- you could even contribute your favorite fish recipe.

What are you waiting for, blow up my inbox- I dare you! Continue reading for the prize list and full rules.

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First Place

The grand prize winner will receive a completely original and one-of-a-kind Sportsman Trophy Plaque (valued at $95) based on your contribution. Just like the one above that I had made for Clive and his trophy catch on our last trip to Little Vermilion Lake.

Second Place

The second place winner- and this is definitely no “secondary” prize- will receive a signed copy of Dave Mercer’s new book 135 Secrets Fish Don’t Want You To Know. This book is filled with an wide assortment of easy to understand tips that can improve your fish catching abilities, and it’s small form factor is great for your cottage, boat, even tackle box.

Third Place

Our third place winner will receive three custom hand-made lures from Rockstar Lures made by our very own Clive Mathias! Be sure to check out the forums to see some of the new amazing up and coming patterns.

Extra Prizes

We’re hoping that we have enough stickers and stuff that we should have something for everyone, but we’re also going to be giving away several of the Fins+Skins Magazines to contributions we really liked but didn’t make the top three.


These are the rules for the 2010 contributor contest, please read them carefully. You must comply with all of the rules to be eligible for the grand prize, the high quality images are required to create (print) the best Sportsman Trophy Plaque possible.

  1. Fish should be legally caught in 2010 under the stated rules of your local department of natural resources. We ask that you do not submit out of season fish to this contest.

  2. At least two high resolution (4 megapixel or greater) digital photos.* We want the ones straight off your digital camera, no photoshopping or colour correcting allowed. Just the raw photos please. *This is a requirement of the grand prize, though you could still potentially win secondary prizes with a low resolution photo, the higher resolution images are required by the printing process.

  3. At least two paragraphs about your experience. Some things to think about: a title, location, species of fish, weather conditions, lure, etc.

  4. Your full name and mailing address, along with your photos and story, emailed to [email protected] with the subject of “2010 Contributor Contest”.

  5. Multiple entries are allowed, though you can only win one of the top prizes.

  6. Your contribution does not have to be about a fish you caught. You could write an article about Traditional Japanese Rod Building, or fishing for walleye in bad weather, even your favorite fish recipe! Your contribution only needs to be unique, related to fishing, and written by you!

Good luck to everyone and we look forward to seeing your entries!