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Onnit Labs Supplements – First Impressions

I first heard about Onnit Labs supplements on the Joe Rogan podcast, where Joe Rogan and several guests have praised the effects of Alpha Brain. Alpha Brain is a nootropic, sometimes referred to as smart drugs, memory enhancers, cognitive enhancers, and intelligence enhancers. these nootropic supplements are designed to improve mental functions like memory, cognition, intelligence, motivation and concentration. They also give you very intense and vivid dreams apparently. The video below will give you a quick crash course in what Alpha Brain is all about.

I was admittedly already interested in trying Alpha Brain before I was offered the chance to review it, and since it’s availability in Canada is very limited I was more than happy to accept. I plan on testing AlphaBrain at work and on the water, or anywhere concentration needs to be at an all time high. Now I realize some of our readers might see this as something out of the ordinary for us (a fishing blog) to review, but I see it as no different than reviewing a sports energy drink. Of the friends and fisherman that I’ve talked to about Alpha Brain everyone was eager to hear my thoughts on it and find out if it really works or if it’s just a placebo.

Much to my surprise when I received my package from Onnit Labs it had their entire line-up! Inside were 30 capsule bottles of Alpha Brain, ShroomTech Sport, New Mood, and ShroomTech Immune– a package worth almost $100. I’ll have to come up with some ideas for reviewing the other supplements but either way, stay tuned for the full review!