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My First Carp by Tristan MacRae

This report comes from Tristan MacRae and was submitted as part of our 2012 Contributor Contest.

My Dad and I had met Ken (a.k.a. Muskiebait) a couple of months before and he suggested that we go fishing together someday. Since I had never caught a carp before, we decided to fish for carp at the Islands. We met Ken at the old swan pond on Centre Island and cast out three lines with corn on a hair rig under a float. We also threw a few handfuls of corn in the area where the hooks were. We waited a while and eventually we hooked a nice sized one. I tried to fight it and it ended up snagging on something. Ken helped me, but eventually the fish cut loose. There was no action after that, so we moved to another spot on the pond and cast out with the same bait. We were starting to think about going when a carp hit. I fought it for a couple of minutes until finally I got it in with some coaching help from Ken. When I got it out of the water I had a hard time trying to lift it, but eventually I got a hold of it for the picture.

Tristan MacRae - My First Carp

– Tristan MacRae