View Full Version : New Rapala lures?? Plug Wobble Speed?

05-29-2011, 01:17 AM
Hey guys, I just wanted to ask if anybody here had tried the new Rapala Flat Rap?

It seems like Rapala is coming out with a lot of those 'flat' lures. A few of their other 'flat lure' is the DT 'Flat', supposedly a change from DT (Dive To) Fat. I've also got that one, and to tell you the truth, the new 'flats' got some ridiculous tight wobble to them :D

So two weekends ago, I went fishing in a little canal that feeds into a reservoir in Calgary. I put on my new #8, gold/black Flat Rap, and started walking down the canal, while casting. It looks a bit like a x-rap, but it's got a smaller lip, and the shape has a more flat and rectangular cross-section than pencil shape. I casted the lure and reeled it back. What really surprised me was that it was wobbling like it's going /crazy/...

So here's a question to you guys, do you ever find that sometimes it's better to have a slow and controlled wobble, rather than a crazy tight and fast wobble? because for this Flat Rap, I was reeling it in as slow as I could, and it was still wobbling like it's on fire... In the end, i managed to catch a tiny 20" pike on my new Flat Rap, which is the only thing I managed that day. :(

However, when I threw a storm Thunderstick, it had a much more predictable wobble, and it moved slow and lazy. In my eyes, I personally prefer the slow and lazy wobble, but is that just my mis-guided opinion?? What do you guys think?:lol:

05-29-2011, 04:58 PM
I would say that it depends on the season and the aggression level of your target. I could see slow cranking those DT's in the summer for some aggressive bass/muskie for sure.