I received a 12ft, two piece Daiwa MadDragon Carp rod (3lb test curve) as a birthday gift. Looking forward to giving it a shot for some loooooong distance casting into Lake O from Gibraltor point, or maybe into the harbour off Snake Island beach?.

I have a Catmaxx size 7000 spinning reel I might try pairing it with, either that or the Sonora 4000 size. Running out this morning to get some 40lb shock leader and a finger guard. Planning on taking the new rod with me on my early morning fishing trips, I think I may need some pendulum cast practice in the middle of Coronation park at 6am, It's been a while since I have had the gear to put 2 oz of lead and a 2 oz PVA bag 150yds out.

Break out the hard hats gents!!