Hey, I've been lurking here for ages (so long that my previous account was deleted for my lack of posts) but I'm on almost daily to see what my favourite local fishing gurus are on about. Such a wealth of information!
As for me, I've been fishing since I was a child but since my parents weren't into it, had to find my own mentors and information along the way (not to mention rides, hanging out with people you don't really like just to get near some water etc. I'm sure you guys have been through it!). Luckily I grew up near Grenadier pond and thus got a good amount of water time before being able to make my own way out. Since then I've fished virtually every kind of affordable fishing in a number of amazing places around the world and treasure every moment and every tiny wiener of a fish I've managed to pull.

Right now I'm hoping to get an edge on my cursefish, pike, which embarrassingly I've never landed in North America even with a massively overwhelming majority of time spent fishing for them and 10 or so lost battles over the years (meanwhile 3 hours in Poland at 2 locations got me 4 of them. Something is not right).

Anyways, cheers guys! I look forward to learning even more.