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    Nice camera with Lens without the bulk?

    I'm wondering if i can have the best of both worlds at a resonable cost?...I have a great little Cannon Camera that i can take Fishing with me and it takes great pictures that i can't whinge about...I've also got a great Digital SLR type Camera that i love messing about with and using but it seems a ball ache to lug around (especially Fishing.)...I love the Photo's that you can zoom in on the subject in question and all the background is blurred because of the lenses...Is it possible (money wise as well) to get Camera that is smaller than a huge SLR, takes good zoom shots like a SLR not overly expensive?...Basically all i want to know is, can you get an SLR only more compact?!...Cheers, Mark.

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    Re: Nice camera with Lens without the bulk?

    I dont know how much more compact it would be, but the canon g9 through g11 are pretty fantastic.
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