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Thread: Free Shipping!

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    Free Shipping!

    Hey guys, for any of you interested in getting some Rockstar Lures, you can get free shipping in North America until Christmas. The new 2009 lures are here and bigger and better then ever!

    Now there are more options then ever!

    colours: pink, red, white, black, brown, blue, purple, orange, green, yellow, glitter, glow white (or any combination of colours)
    blades: French Blades (2-1/4"), Indiana Heavy Blades (2-3/4") and Willow Blades (3-3/4")
    lures: 7-14 inches

    Just send me a message here if you are interested!

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    Re: Free Shipping!

    WOW! Those new lures are sick!!
    Yes, Ed F took my avatar photo.

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