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    2nd Trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Island 01/02/2011 26/02/2011

    Our next trip to the Andaman's ll start in few days
    I ll post in a few days pictures of our material and keep you inform during our trip if we get a correct internet connection


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    Re: 2nd Trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Island 01/02/2011 26/02/2011

    Good luck!

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    Re: 2nd Trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Island 01/02/2011 26/02/2011

    I look forward to reading about it! Your trips always make for a good read.

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    Here is the report

    Andaman board / boat from 01/02 to 26/02/11

    Id like to apologize for the quality of this text. I had to help my with a translation tool due to the size of the document.

    We promised to enact a CR on our return of the Andamans, after discussion Nicolas wrote the biggest part of the Cr in French and Im translating it. All of us need to supplement the postponement of the other (text in italics for Pierrot), the feeling is obviously not the same.
    This is our first CR, and I will write to the "feeling", maybe sometimes in excess of the fishing aspect of our trip, also forgive me for any lyrical flights due to my enthusiasm.
    We also weighted no fish, we have certainly overestimated and underestimated some others, we do not announce the weight often ... (For info only, photos: Pierrot is 2m07 and 1m93 me, 4 meters and 200kg all round us both)

    This is the second time we went fishing in the area of ​​the Gulf of Bengal last year, there Pierrot past two weeks, for me, 10 days. We were left with a limited budget, without really knowing what to expect, this time, we were better equipped, better to know where we stand.

    We stayed on the Andaman 26 days, from 1 to 26 February. We do not go by tour operators, and had no definite plans in advance, we just wanted to start our journey by Neil Island, then move according to our desires. (Those who have the courage to read also see that we even change the destination for our first step). We had planned to fish as often as possible to the edge, is to rent boat from time to time, as we did last year.
    We have never been ambitious for the amount or weight of fish caught, although they could not help but dream ... Personally, our goals were to had a good time and to catch some Gt from shore

    Presentation of the Andaman Islands (For those who do not know):

    The Andaman Islands form an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal and is administratively attached to the Indian Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands under military administration. The city of Port Blair is the largest city in the Andaman Islands and the administrative capital of the territory. The islands have 314,239 residents. The name comes from Andaman Handuman form of Malay name of the Hindu god Hanuman.
    The Andaman archipelago consists of 204 islands (of which 38 are inhabited), it is located in the Bay of Bengal, about 200 km south of Burma. The islands belonged to the mountain range between Burma and Indonesia, which sank in the seas and left a submarine volcano and asleep in another activity: Barren Island, 110 km from Port Blair The only active volcano in India. The culmination of these islands is Saddle Peak with 732 meters The archipelago has a tropical climate. The archipelago is covered by dense forests, offering hospitality to an impressive variety of exotic flora and fauna. (Source: Wiki)

    Some pictures of our trip this year and last year: (If photos are not full, Ctrl + mouse wheel)
    Our equipment:

    We chose equipment giving us the opportunity to fish properly and comfortably. It was also important that this material fits into our budget. I would like to quote rates because when we wanted to equipped, it was difficult to find info on reliable and cheap equipment.

    We are limited to 5 rods in total for two fishermen. Our choice was:

    2: Daiwa Grandwave exotic 962HRS for shore fishing. (80 euro on sale)
    2: Illex Waiefu 240H for off shore fishing spinning and jigging. (189 euro)
    In addition I had a Shimano 285 XXH, who will serve us in case of trouble with one of the one cited above. (180 euro)

    1 Fin Nor SFO 75 (130 euros with the ports in the U.S.) Braid Power Pro 100 lbs (110 euros for 1500 yards USA)
    2 Daiwa saltist 4500 (EUR 150 with ports in the U.S.) braid 60 lbs Power Pro (80 euro USA 1500 yards)
    Daiwa Saltiga 6000GT 1 (opportunity) 100lbs Power Pro braid.
    Shimano 8000 with a BIOMASTER braid 60 lbs Power Pro.

    This material does not disappoint us, however, the two Saltist began to scrape, and Saltiga a bit too ... for both saltist, this was their second trip exo.
    Regarding the two Daiwa Grandwave, perfect. The Waiefu, surprising!
    I wont mention all the lures and jigs:

    The 01/02/2011

    49kg in the hold for 2 people, including more than 40kg of fishing gear + fins ...
    The plane from Delhi to Chennai was 4 hours late due to monkey festivity in Puna... We missed our connection flight to Port Blair for a few minutes. Airline (Spice Jet) admits his fault, but said they were not responsible. We pay for new tickets for Port Blair, but we've lost half a day and a good sum of money.

    He is quiet too quiet cousin. I spent almost half past one shouting at them and eventually we had to spend an additional Rs 10,500. Not very efficient but it's good for the head.

    . We originally planned to go directly on Neil Island for the start of our trip, as the only ferry from Port Blair when we arrived was for Havelock Island, we had to change our plans We thought we could start fishing the day of arrival; the delay prevents us from doing so.
    Too bad for Neil, we will go later we dont want to stay in Port Blair.
    We arrived around 05:00 pm in Havelock, and join the Guest House "El Dorado", where we had stayed last year.
    Havelock has changed since last year and, not in a good way for us. Many Guests Houses were built, and prices have soared. Tourists are more numerous, and the party are held every night on the beaches! In recent years, Havelockll looks like Goa.
    We pay here for one night 700Rps (1 euro = 60Rps) last year, at the same time, we paid a already 500Rps comparing prices elsewhere in India it was already really expensive. A ride in a rickshaw, which last year cost 80-100RP was today more than 200Rps).
    It is
    06:00pm, it is night, and we console ourselves for not being able to fish with 2-3 beers and rums, and like last year, we put bet on: systematically retarded cousins.
    First GT caught, the fisherman will be offered a lobster
    First GT board from shore and the loser pays 1 / 3 more than the winner
    First dogtooth tuna, same punishment
    First coral trout, a glass
    Biggest GT stay, the loser pays and drink 1 / 3 more than the winner, but on our return to Delhi.

    We go to bed full of dreams.

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    On 02/02/2011:

    It's time to go fishing; we are arming some lures and leave around 01:00pm for the west side of the island. We walk through the rainforest and mangroves along the coast to reach the position.
    There is a breeze from North, and the sea is slightly lifted, the sky is covered leaving just filtered cloudy. Almost all along the coast, the funds are covered with clumps of coral and volcanic rocks. It's hell for shore fishing, happiness for the eyes.
    Pierrot, in his 4 or 5th cast landed a nice barracuda on a CX115 red and white. 5-10 min later, it's my turn to have the thrilling panic, I run my Surface Bull "rifleman" and felt a sharp attack in my arms, a moment later, my first GT is on the beach! This is great!
    She is not fat, a few pounds, but this is my first, and most of all from the shore! I ve validate two bets. In addition to the pleasure taken, this will bring me a lobsterand a few rums in the nose of my dear cousin! Not bad for a small trevally!
    20 minutes later it’s the turn of Pierrot to catch his first small GT

    The sun goes down, it's time to go and we have the road. I am a little ahead of Pierrot who do few more cast before leaving as a black tip shark pass between it and the coast ...
    While I'm gone 2-3 minutes before him, he will arrive before me ... I'm lost in the mangroves and vows to never forget my front. I try as best they could identify a trail out of the mangrove, but the light is falling, I do not see much. I'm turning around!
    So I'm about to abandon my research and trying to spend a night in the middle of an army of mosquitoes in an open hut spotted on the beach when I finally find the way back. I walk for hour through the forest only helped by my lighter. Fortunately, the moon light comes occasionally pierce the cover.
    I finally get to the road where I see Pierrot waiting patiently, and we wait the last public bus.
    We're finally back, I appreciate the shower that will remove silt and red clay that I had until mid-thigh, the only area free of mosquitoes.
    It is time to settle our accounts in good humour and laughter, two bet being validated.
    Pierrot think taking ahead of me swallowing 3 glasses of rum quickly. His hopes are definitely lost in the fourth. We must admit that rum is despicable, Pierrot start sweating pure ethanol. I look at the composition of the drink, the "black rum." The few items added to ethanol to make it drinkable have barely met their goals. The following few drinks will complete my dear cousin and the earth rumble with fallen beast of 2m07 ...

    [i] First day of fishing, it was really expected. Decoys are pampered and we discuss the interest of putting one or two triple, the size of hooks more appropriate. Delhi seems to me far and it is essential. We start fishing in an area that we identified last year but never had the time to be operated by low-water ratios. We had to cross the forest and mangrove, almost an hour's walk, but the journey itself was well worth the trip. Lizards and beasts flee undetermined brush and dry leaves we find the familiar sounds of birds in these islands.
    The rods are mounted quickly. Napoleons feed quietly on the area. Second and first launched the Barracuda I hung back a little too strongly and it ends up dropping out.
    Nicolas took the opportunity to make his first GT. The bastard I knew he wanted me to drink on this trip. She made a pretty fight his reel sings.
    I take one small few minutes after him, it did not really have time to defend itself I try to raise it to the surface immediately. The misadventures of the last year have me understand that it is better not to be too soft. I am surprised for the same weight, one blue trevally pulls a lot stronger, but it's still my first GT.
    We continue to advance on the beach. We approach a beautiful post, beautiful rocky point with stunning positions. Howl's cousin made blunder “there something in the water”. Yes and the thing has sharp teeth, just to disturb a small moray eel hiding in a hole. Night falls we go, Nicolas preceded me to try to find his lost flip flop lost in the forest. I accelerate the pace to catch him but no one in sight. I wait quietly his arrival did he go by rickshaw? Finally the beast dripping with sweat and clay, harassed by mosquitoes finally emerges from the bushes.
    Appraisal: a bit of activity and our first two GT is on my side was also the first won by a long list.

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    On 03/02/2011:

    We return to the same position as yesterday.
    I was trying to photograph butterflies, prettier than the others, when Pierrot stops dead in front of me, I told him not to move so as not to scare a butterfly pretty well positioned for a photo , he says he will move, and for good reason, a snake is at his feet, I repeat, therefore, not to move so I could take this picture:

    Not move, not move! I almost stepped on it. I don’t hate snakes but when I see one who stops to watch me and continued his path as if I did not exist, I tend to doubt its harmless and even more if it is fluorescent green and blue.

    We arrived on the coast, conditions were different, the sun hits the sea is calm. Our hopes are disappointed; we will do nothing of the day. A superb both in size and colour Napoleon teasing us for some time a few meters. A little later, Pierrot get a nice blue on a Mad Stick.
    In the evening we had dinner on the market place and notice a new business. An Indian has invested in three boats, specialized in fishing; rare thing, it even had few Halco in store. 8000Rps boat maximum 4 people (who agree more for 2 anglers max), and 12000Rps (193 euros) for a vessel larger and more powerful (2 times 25hp engines).
    These boats are equipped with GPS and sounders.
    It is almost complete for the month of February! He is left with only 3 dates. We hesitate, and finally a reserve day on 06/02 (08:00 at night). FYI for those rates, food and equipment is provided. We will judge later in the quality of these services.

    On 04/02/2011:

    Heavy shower rain... It looks as the monsoon when it should not be a drop of water at this time of year ...
    2:00pm: Rain is still there. We finally get out in the rain to catch just in front of the guest we're staying. We are lucky and the rain not interrupted over, under a sky that is always threatening.

    The terrain is very difficult; we have water to the navel, and are fishing in the middle of the coral heads, which emerge within 10 cm of water.
    This day was under the sign of barracuda. We do not expect the attacks, I'd first one (= 70cm) followed by a blue trevally (Feed Popper white). Pierrot Feed Popper Pink will take the bigest Barra of the day (> 70cm).

    This fishing expedition will leave me very good memories. I throw my lure, came in, big spray of water, and I see a movement to my feet, it's a pretty turtle that I have all the time to look away. I even forget the attack on my lure, it does not matter. Later, a pretty purple Ray will start at my feet. There are many different species in this area.

    Appraisal: I’m missing most of the strikes today. I think it comes from the food when I am deprived of beef for too long I no longer fit. Or is that ethanol got blown too many neurons. Fortunately a lot of activity and barracudas are really fun to catch from the bank and they have really great teeth, my pink Feed will be perforated after a fish. It becomes a diving popper but is still working fish.

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    On 05/02/2011:

    We woke up in a heavy atmosphere, humidity and heat is oppressive. The sea stirs strong enough, and before us 2 small tornados come together is ultimately to reverse from bottom to top.
    We go fishing at 1:00 am, at the same place as yesterday, it is now beautiful, we see no activity in the afternoon. Pierrot didn’t catch anything. I‘ve saved the day with a barracuda on a White Asturie. There are days without ...

    Very difficult to find the exact positions of last year. We are moving with water mid thigh but nothing to do, impossible to find the passage between the corals. Nothing is more frustrating

    On 06/02/2011:

    Starting at 06:45 of the guest, we board the ship at 08:00 on 27 feet. It's a beautiful day. We are heading for one hour to reach the island north of John Lawrence Island. We will fish from island to island one more beautiful than the other, between mangroves and cliffs plant over trays of coral and bundles of faults. The number of plant species is impressive. We derive the slow pace of one engine and light currents. There are also many birds, kingfishers to sea eagles and a large number of species I’ve never seen before.
    Nobody has the right to land on these islands, and one of three skippers accompanying us informs us that the military controls because there are many poachers. The atmosphere on board is very nice and our tour guides pros.
    Seeing that I looked at my node connection braid / fluoro who began to show signs of weakness, one of the skippers will give me a cane and take mine without asking questions, and will go immediately to the task. Fifteen minutes later, I will restore my cane with the most beautiful knot that I have seen; he even used paraffin to improve.
    We begin this part of fishing on rocky plateau, a few hundred meters from the coast, no activity here.
    We continue with an area of ​​mangroves, large enough and a length of more than one kilometre. I really enjoyed fishing this area, his approach is more like a freshwater fishing. The brakes are tight, and we must be precise in our shots.
    One of the skippers we warn that large kingfish have taken up residence in this area. A few minutes later, a huge spray of water will pick the touch of Pop Monster Pierrot, his brakes started to scream, then unfortunately, his line breaks. He wants it long because it's the knot that has been lacking. We saw this fish, there were only 2 or 3 feet of water, this GT would weigh around 30 kilos. This trevally remain the biggest hit of the day.
    Later, I would make a blue trevally, a skipper's pick for the smooth release. This surprised us, we do not expect that Indian crew making efforts to release fish in good health. We learned later that the "boss" was once paid to catch live groupers to send them to another part of Asia.
    Many miss our fish lures (especially the Monster Pop) on this stretch of coast occupied by mangroves, including Pierrot release a GT under the branches.
    We leave this area to explore a current chaotic funds, we'll come up here a few GT, before hanging a more correct, the Surface Bull shot that have made me quite spectacular attack.
    Around 12:00, as we walked along a cliff vegetation, Pierrot caught a small coral trout at Monster Pop, who has definitely made a difference in this morning.
    We throw the anchor for dinner.
    On resumption, I go out a GT in the first launch attacks here on our lures will follow one another for half an hour, ending with two blue with a nice. One of the skippers wonder if he can keep one for eating, I agree.
    I end up missing a big GT in a hunt on the way home.
    At the end of the day, if the average fish affected is not large, we can not count the number of attacks, and the fishing party will be unforgettable.

    Appraisal: Day magic for me that was never released on a boat before serious, really far from my trips on boats last year. A crew very professional, responsive and smiling. However huge disappointment for me on that day; the trevally that took my first Monster pop was really big. Any attack took place less than 10 meters from the boat and my heart's missed a few beats when I saw her jumping on my lure. Unfortunately my node doesn’t survive the shock.
    The afternoon was particularly difficult for me, the fish seemed to give the word to miss the bait or escape regardless the power of my strikes.

    On 07/02/2011:

    Today we leave the harbour to take our tickets for Neil Island, started in the morning at 9:00, we get to have our tickets at 15.30. So less than a day for fishing, we can only cast our lures during an hour for the kick of the evening, there is little activity, I get a barracuda.
    That evening, we decide to try to see Philoux, a guy from a fishing forum with whome we exchange few message, to tell him what we did, we did not find and leave a phone number.

    Tide schedules are not very good for the area so we decide to change their island. We must perform the chore of buying tickets. It's always the crowd. You really impose and enforce the queue, if you do not want to spend two or three hours to wait..

    Bigger than the hand ...

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    On 08/02/2011:

    Up early, we end our bags and pay the hut. Before leaving, Pierrot realizes that his phone is out of order, so we return to the Guest house of Philip to give him another number. In doing so, we meet with his sweetheart, Karmen. We had a drink together, quickly, because our boat leaves two hours later. Our thoughts right now, and will see a canoe available for rent from a guest. Shortly after, we decide to stay to share a boat all four.
    NeilIsland will wait a bit more, we tear our tickets.
    We decide every four to give a try to the southwest of the island, it is already late when a taxi willing to take us. We arrive on the beach.
    I'll miss just a garfish and a barracuda and 2-3 fishs unidentified. Pierrot lands a nice fish. There is a lot of activity, but conditions are made difficult by the profile of this coast, the stones are very slippery and sharp.
    At the end of a fishing party, I see Pierrot hurries back to the edge, with its lure in the water, he seems to panic. He told me he saw a crocodile and do not want to fish any more. I insist still being 100m 5 minutes later, but I'm not there, I can not help but stare at my feet ... I surrendered, when there is a crocodile in the area, it is not clever to keep on fishing.
    We have dinner together at night in an excellent atmosphere.
    The area we explore in the company of Philip and Catherine is really exciting we are moving on rocks very slippery but once launched it is the second attack just as quickly dropped out. After I see a few started as a surface mount fifty meters. In cons difficult day to identify the bug and then it plunges. 5 minutes later resurfaced as a bit closer, 10 minutes later the form is only
    20 meters. More doubts it's a croc. I flee the area as quickly as possible. Fishing with water to the waist with an alligator nearby, very little for me. The sign "No swimming No diving" was not there by mistake.

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    On 09/02/2011:

    I have great pleasure from this great canoe, in addition to good company, this is the first time I fish with a regular exo and hopefully enjoy the experience.
    After 1:30 drive, we reach the small Inglish Island. I open the festivities with a GT of 10-12kg. The biggest that I would get that day is a 15-17kg. It will be my great pleasure on a Magic Pop Orion but this decision also reveal my inexperience with regard to this fishery: we arrive on a bench rifle, a large yellow stain in the deep blue water. After a few shots, my lure falls in the middle of the rifle, bench explodes leaving a blank spot of 20 meters around the Magic and I see a Jack rushing on my lure, it is the foot, it gives me a headache. My brake was not set strong enough (around 5-6kg just before Philip told me to tighten), the fish is just what he wants and will go al around the boat . This boat has 2 roofs, and my rod passe from hand to hand between Philippe, Pierrot, and I before I could lend the fish on the deck.
    Throughout this great day, we come out regularly every four jacks. It is beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, fish, a great atmosphere, what more?
    It is now time to go, and before a well deserved drink, Philip is kind enough to teach us how to make a few knots.

    This first day boat with Philip and Catherine was really nice. I position myself in the hole between the engine and the roof, one foot on a board of 7 or 8 inches wide, the other on the callee can of gasoline. After a few started, I began to find my balance but the first step missing to make me go overboard. The bad thing is the engine we have to go far too early for my taste.
    First lesson of nodes in front of a cold beer, It will be very useful on this trip ...

    Well, I put it before Pierrot put, given the number of times I could criticize this kind of poses in magazines or other ...

    Bon, je mets celle-ci avant que Pierrot la mette, vu le nombre de fois o j'ai pu critiquer ce genre de poses dans les magasines ou autres...

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    On 10/02/2011:

    We ship at 07:30, conditions has changed and the fishing won’t meet our expectations. We head to Neil Island, Pierrot break on a CCT and will likely later a GT and a little blue. Philip a GT 12Kg and me one of about 15-17Kg on a Dumbell Pop 200.
    A sea eagle try to take our lures, we will wait 5 minutes he gets tired.
    The day will end very prolific but nice in a good mood around a few drinks.

    Fish particularly hair-splitting today I missed three starts and I start to lose my concentration two blue trevally violently take my boat to Popper and drop out. Monster is my second pop and engulfed my fluoro sharply cut off. Philippe had warned us he had already been cut on this post the previous days.
    The night I cracked the shop in the city center for 2 new Roosta to replace lost a few lures.

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