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    Great quotes from you in that article Dave. Beers are on me next time we meet up!

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    Fishing a year later: after all the no fishing signs came down. June 12, 2012 Councillor Fletcher presented a speech at The Gladstone Hotel at a Lake Ontario Evenings Event. Councillor Fletcher had just come from City Council after introducing a motion that would remove the "Ban on Fishing" along Toronto's waterfront. "The Gone Fish'n Motion" had begun its process through Council with immediate results the next day. Councillor Fletcher and her fellow Councillors had the "No Fishing Signs" taken down June 13, 2012 . We owe Councillor Fletcher a huge debt of gratitude and thanks.
    Exactly a year later June 12, 2013 Toronto Urban Fishing Ambassador attended a Technical Workshop for The Greater Toronto and Area Waterfront: An Urban Recreational Fisheries Plan. The Final Project Charter June 2013 is attached please give it your attention as the work and effort that has gone into it is a testament to the dedication of the partners creating it. One year after the "No Fishing " signs were taken down we have a solid plan in action for the future of recreational fishing for Toronto and Surrounding Area. Remarkable and wonderful vision and work by all the partners involved with a special thanks to Councillor Fletcher.
    Recreational Fishing now has a solid foundational plan for Greater Toronto and Area Waterfront. Momentum and synergy are on the side of the "urban angler" and The Partners that steward our wonderful fishery. We have expanded our Family Fishing Events in early July and there is much more to come in the near future. We hope you are finding the time to enjoy the fishing opportunities at your doorstep.

    Thanks for all the Fish!
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