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Petition Berkley To Fix Their GULP! Alive Packaging

This petition is to bring attention to Berkley about the poor packaging of their new GULP! Alive buckets. On a recent trip to a friends cottage one of these buckets dripped all that oily smelly liquid on a rug which I had to replace, costing me 220 dollars! I’ve also heard similar stories from people who now have permanent stains on their boats, it’s clear to me that there is a fundamental problem with the packaging that I think should be solved as soon as possible.

Berkley GULP! Alive Buckets

Let me be clear these baits work, they’re fantastic, even dipping other baits in the special formula is a sure fire way to attract big game fish. Unfortunately this powerful liquid can also ruin just about any surface capable of absorbing it.

Berkley, I’m not asking for you to pay for the rug, but please fix your packaging of the GULP! Alive buckets or come up with a new packaging that can properly seal in the liquid. They are an expensive bait that is well worth the price tag, but not the additional replacement/cleaning bill for anything that happens to come in contact with the liquid.

– Jonathon Marshall (Fishing

* This petition is now closed. I thank each and every one of you that signed it. Let’s hope berkley hears us!