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Big Smallie Tackle Hair Jigs

The hair jig comes with a legendary reputation for catching fish. Some might consider them “old school” and pass them in stores without a second glance, while others know them as a veteran’s tool for cold water fishing. If these underrated lures are missing from your tackle box you’re probably missing out on fishing opportunities. Big Smallie Tackle Hair Jigs are handcrafted lures by Ryan Lampe, and they look fantastic.

Big Smallie Tackle jigs are not only effective, but they outperform their plastic counterparts. These are some of the best fall bass lures I’ve used in years. I have caught dozens of big bass on these jigs with no signs of paint chips or fraying. Ryan says they’re made with an unmatched attention to detail and I absolutely agree. Big Smallie Tackle has created today’s re-imagination of the time-tested hair jig, handmade by an artisan.

Largemouth Caught on a Big Smallie Hair Jig

In the time it took me to complete this review Ryan had to pack up and move his family to the west coast of the United States and put aside his jig making business. It’s very unfortunate news because I was looking to buy more of these fine jigs. I’ve asked Ryan to keep in touch and let us know if he starts making anything else. The care and attention to detail in his work really shows, and I have no doubt that any future lures he makes will be just as skillfully crafted.

5.0 / 5.0

High quality handcrafted hair jigs with an unmatched attention to detail.