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Name That Fish!
Posted on August 1, 2012 by

Name That Fish!

It’s been a while since we ran a Name That Fish! contest, but today I found an obscure catch that should hopefully keep you guessing for a few days. This is a freshwater fish that is not native to North America, but is a relative to some of our most popular game fish. Good luck!

Winner of this contest will receive a Water Gremlin t-shirt!

UPDATE! This is the Softmouth Trout (salmo obtusirotis) also known as the asiatic trout adriatic trout. The photo comes from’s short but sweet post about trout fishing in Bosnia.

Posted on March 8, 2011 by

The World’s Smallest Game Fish

We all know anglers that seek the largest fish they can catch, but have you ever met those who try to catch the smallest fish they can, on a hook and line? Here in Japan, I have done so, and been lucky enough to indulge this particular variety of fishing.

Not unreasonably, most sport anglers want to catch trophy fish; the bigger the better (indeed, we all know anglers whose catches continue to grow in size long after the event, growing bigger with each recounting of the story of the fishing trip). However, this is Japan, where miniaturization pervades all aspects of life, in gardening, art, computers, electronics; we all have seen the clichéd ‘capsule’ hotels and bonsai pine trees you can pick up with two fingers. This also applies to sport fishing, in one of the oldest angling traditions in this country: tanago fishing.

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Behold The Labyrinth Aquarium

We’ve covered some pretty awesome aquariums in the past, but this multi-level multi-globe labyrinth aquarium from Optulent Items is just amazing!

The Labyrinth Aquarium

This very innovative and rare aquarium is offered in three colors. The tables are produced in cherry, black or carbon fiber and they conceal the rare filtration and lighting components. Fish swim freely throughout the entire aquarium. Designed for tropical freshwater fish. The table is optional. Filters and all equipment still included if purchased without table.

Your aquarium includes silk plants, 3 lights, filters, air pumps and cleaning equipment. The 3 rare lights are doughnut shaped and are placed underneath the black central hoods. They include programmable timer plugs which allow you to set when the lights turn on and off.

We set up installation if desired.

– Made of Lucite acrylic aquarium bowls, powder coated aluminum legs
– Height ( 54″)
– Width ( 51″)
– Depth ( 42″)
– 1 year warranty

All that for the low price of $6,500.00 USD, but you get free shipping so why not!