What kind of fish is this?
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Mailbag: Help Us Identify This Fish Species

William Mcdonnell wrote in to ask if we could identify this species of fish from the skeleton.

We found this skeleton, on the bank of Lake of the Ozarks, Springfield, mo. USA.
I was just wondering if you could figure out what kind of fish it is.

I’m thinking that based on the shape of the head, the closeness of the eye to the mouth, and the shape of the mouth (the overbite), that this probably a freshwater drum. There are however plenty of people out there that know more about species identification than I do, I can think of at least one epic species hunter on our forums that might have a pretty good idea if I’m even close.

If you think you can identify this species please leave a comment! Also check out this previous mailbag species identification request.

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Mailbag: What Fish is This?

Hey folks,

Walking along the Lake Ontario shore out in Port Union Village (south of the Rouge Hill Go Station) we discovered this rotting fish – I smelled it before I saw it.

I was thinking muskie…but my son is sure there was a dorsal fin more towards the centre of the body, so we’re now thinking pike.

Your image here sort of captures that “snarling upper jawline” I saw on our images.

What do you think?


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