Guy Harvey sunmask
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Guy Harvey Sportswear – First Impressions

If you are not familiar with the name Guy Harvey, you should be! He is known world wide for his amazing artwork, photography and efforts to preserve our oceans. Guy grew up fishing and exploring the south coast of Jamaica where he gained his love and passion for marine biology. Guy’s love of the seas can be seen throughout his incredible artwork and photography. If you are a regular here on FishingFury, then you may remember the incredible sailfish video he filmed that we featured a while back.

I was given the opportunity to try out some of the Guy Harvey sportswear collection first hand and I was not disappointed when I picked up my package from the post office! I was greeted by a beautiful pair of Guy Harvey Yellowfin sandals and a mean looking Marlin Boss sunmask!

Stay tuned for a full review later this summer!

Be sure to visit the Guy Harvey Sportswear website and checkout the new AFTCO Facebook page!

Phantom Lures
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Phantom Lures: First Impressions

In the past few years I have fished with a lot of great muskie anglers and they have all had one thing in common besides their love of muskie – they all had Phantom Lures in their tackle box.

Phantom Lures are high quality glide baits that are made in the good ole U.S.A. They feel like they are made of wood but are made of a solid, high impact polymer. The moment you lay eyes on these lures you can tell they are built to endure. Each lures is hand painted, covered with thick epoxy and assembled with heavy duty triple split rings.

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Tackle Industries Super Cisco – First Impressions

If you like the Super Shad Rap by Rapala, you’ll love the Super Cisco from Tackle Industries. The size and shape are very similar, but the Super Cisco is a little bit fatter. The front lips are also a similar shape, but the Cisco’s lip is a little bit bigger and fatter. Even the weight is about the same, with the Cisco weighing 1.71 oz and the Shad Rap 1.60 oz. Both dive to about 8 feet, both sport 2 treble hooks and both have through wire construction. So this is the part where you’re probably thinking that this is simply a knockoff of the Super Shad Rap, but you’d be wrong.

The Super Cisco really sets itself apart in the details. It has 3D holographic eyes, a built in rattle, can be trolled over 10mph and comes in a ridiculous amount of colors and patterns with fresh and saltwater variations! How many patterns? Try 42. Which as many of you know is the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything“. How many patterns does Rapala offer? 12.

Super Cisco RSC-16 SW-26

And in case you need another reason to try out one of these lures, here it is – they are only $9.99 USD each.

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GoPro after BlurFix
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GoPro BlurFix From Snake River Prototyping – First Impressions

Back when we first got our hands on a GoPro camera we mentioned a pretty serious flaw with it. The camera takes awesome vivid images and video when it is not in its underwater case, but when it is, there is a very noticeable loss of focus and blur on the edges while under the water. Being fisherman, and wanting the camera to be used almost solely for underwater footage, this was pretty heart breaking. While there are some great workarounds thanks to some very creative people, we’ve gone with the BlurFix adapter from a company called Snake River Prototyping operating out of Idaho, USA. Not only does it solve the focus issue, but the BlurFix is the best looking solution I’ve seen so far.

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