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The Big One by Tristan MacRae

This report comes from Tristan MacRae and was submitted as part of our 2012 Contributor Contest.

I was in Orlando, Florida during March break this year. My Dad and I both like fishing, so we went out with a guide called Capt. AJ Jackson to Lake Tohopekaliga. I was getting really bored because my Dad was catching all the fish and so I got annoyed and when the next fish hit I swiped the rod and then I was in. I was pretty scared, because the fish looked huge when it jumped and so I was worried I might get pulled into the water. I was fighting the fish for a few minutes and finally I got it in. Capt. Jackson pulled the fish on board the boat and then it was paparazzi time. I was amazed at how massive this fish was. I’ve caught Bass before, but nothing like this. Capt. Jackson told me that this was a once-in-a-lifetime fish – ten pounds, he said. He even put a picture on his website. My picture shows up after a few other people’s. We released the fish after the pictures were taken.

The Big One by Tristan MacRae

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MONSTER Lake St. Clair Musky!

ProFishermanJones posted this amazing video in our forums of him catching the 50″+ musky of a lifetime! There’s really no other worthy introduction than that, so watch it now.

Was out on the lake this morning/afternoon trying my hardest to get any sort of fish as always,
and boom i was hit well ruined actually with a MONSTER, my personal best fish of 51.5inches and had to be 40lbs give or take?
i was having trouble lifting it out of the net, but once she was out of the net and i got my other hand on her belly for support she only waved once to the camera so i was lucky because she truly was in control from hook set to the release.

Here is the video i hope everyone enjoys it!

Geez Ron, try being more professional next time and stop laughing. HAHA! I’m only kidding, you did a good job telling Jones to man up and lift that leviathan out of the water so we could all see it! If I were there I would have kept laughing and Mr. Jones would have probably released me in to the water right after that musky.

If you liked this video, you’ll probably love all of ProFisherman Jones’ youtube videos, including this massive tiger musky video we posted before.

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The World’s Smallest Game Fish

We all know anglers that seek the largest fish they can catch, but have you ever met those who try to catch the smallest fish they can, on a hook and line? Here in Japan, I have done so, and been lucky enough to indulge this particular variety of fishing.

Not unreasonably, most sport anglers want to catch trophy fish; the bigger the better (indeed, we all know anglers whose catches continue to grow in size long after the event, growing bigger with each recounting of the story of the fishing trip). However, this is Japan, where miniaturization pervades all aspects of life, in gardening, art, computers, electronics; we all have seen the clichéd ‘capsule’ hotels and bonsai pine trees you can pick up with two fingers. This also applies to sport fishing, in one of the oldest angling traditions in this country: tanago fishing.

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“BIG FISH” Artshow For Local Artist Charles Weiss

I first met Charles Weiss at the Toronto Sportsmens Show here in Toronto earlier in the year. Unfortunately due to my limited schedule I missed some good photos of his booth and showcasing some of his amazing work.

Charles is an artist in every respect, he creates amazing paintings of scenery, fish, illustrations, and perhaps most what most impressed me- his carvings of trophy fish over 40″ long!

If you’re in the Toronto or GTA and looking to see some wonderful fishing inspired artwork then I would highly recommend going to see this showing. Check out website for more great art.

Where: Bluffs Gallery 1859 Kingston RD. Scarborough, ON
When: November 4-16 (Mon-Fri 9 am – 5 pm / Sat. 11 pm – 4 pm )